Whenever I am ask what is the best time to schedule a photo session my answer is almost always : Sunset.
Apart from being a total photography cliché there is 3 fundamental reasons why it is the best time.

Its kinder on everybody

The caribbean sun is very powerful. It’s hot, it’s bright. It makes the sea a very nice transparent turquoise. But it also is a very difficult situation for shooting relaxed, candid portrait because you may squint and sweat.
When shooting at sunset the beach is quieter and the weather cooled off a bit. It is easier for everybody to move around and enjoy ourselves (myself included) 🙂

The infamous quality of light

You must have heard it at least once in you life. “The light is better at sunset”. But why is that? What does that mean in facts?
First off the sun is lower in the sky which makes for a better directionality. By turning my subject I can create various looks. I can put the sun behind and make for  beautiful backlit portrait.

couple portrait with sunset flare

Sunset allows to be creative with light

Or I can use it from the front as a key light. Contrary to midday when the sun is directly overhead the shadows are more pleasing and easily controlled.

laughing couple on the beach

Sun used as main light

And finally a cloudy sky will pickup nice warm colors. Perfect for setting up a nice mood.

Following on some night shots.

For couple photography, shooting at sunset will allow us to change the entire mood and feel of the session by taking portraits at night. It is the perfect moment to play with lights (flashes in my case) and shape some dramatic images with a real artistic edge.

Night photography makes for dramatic images. Here Mat & Yes at the bar

Night photography makes for dramatic images. Here Mat & Yes at the bar

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