As a portrait photographer posing has always being a tough subject. Nonetheless it is a very important one. How one approaches posing can have a huge impact on the quality of picture as well as on the flow of the photo session.

If I don’t give enough instructions people feel left alone and if I give too much I run the risk to appear too bossy and stifle the mood of my subject.


Dancing is a good starting point for motion

After years of perfecting tricks and tips to get emotions, I stumbled upon a simple assumption that rocked my world.


Whenever I want expressions out of my subjects I have them move, jump, run or perform crazy moves. It really put people on a dynamic mood. They feel more relax, more spontaneous and I can them document their good time. It’s perfect to give the candid taste that really crank the quality up.


The fireman lift. Classic crazy spontaneous moves that makes for awesome expressions

Most of my client prefer this approach and thank me for the fun time it brings.
So let’s not be stifled and contrived and let’s express though motion.