Most of the time you will be given your images on a digital format. May it be on CD, usb key or download.

But if you don’t take a minimum care it is easy to loose those files. Computer crashes, loss, theft, fire, earthquake. Danger is out there and it wants to take your pictures. Here is how to raise the odds in your favor.

The first thing you want to do is download your images into your computer. Check the files to see if they display fine and if there is no error.

Back it up 3 times.

Redundancy is the name of the game to ensure your images will last forever. All the material I read on the subject all state the same thing : you have to make various back up on different medium.
You should also give one of those backup to a relative or friend so if the integrity of your house is compromised your files exist somewhere else.

-External hard drive.
-Dedicated usb key
-Writable CD/DVD
-Cloud storage
And last but not least : printing

Printing is like heaven for photographs.

If I were a photograph I would like to be printed. This is what pictures are meant to be. Printed, they don’t need much to be enjoyed. No screen, no electricity, no battery. They can fit on your wall and light a room with a nice memory or they can fit a pocket and be held by your heart. Prints go through time. They are shared, lost and found, enjoyed and cherished through the ages.
Have you ever found an old photograph somewhere and rejoice at the existence of this image? Going though the memory it brought back? It’s a glorious moment for sure but I can’t stop thinking my laptop or my iPhone would not be able to do that.