Are you planning a destination wedding or are you going to attend a wedding abroad in hot season? Well I have a few tips for you not to meltdown.
Cancun is a beautiful place, it looks like paradise but it is hot like hell. 86°F/30°C approx. all year round and the high humidity only makes it worse.While it is awesome when you go around in bikini, with a wedding dress or a 3 piece suit it is another story. Heat is definitely something to take into consideration. Here are my take on the matter.

Beat the heat

I get to see a lot of weddings where people ignore this most simple fact of life or try to make nature comply installing huge fans.
This usually affect the end result of my coverage because clients will be sweaty and shiny which doesn’t look good on the pictures and they will feel uncomfortable.

The first thing you need to do is to have a look on the weather conditions and acknowledge it’s challenges. If you are lucky enough to get married in Cancun, I guess you will not get to wear a fur coat over your wedding dress.

You have to embrace the idea of a destination wedding as a whole. Think about where you go, what you are going to find there, what is the weather like, on which surface are you going to walk, etc.

groomsmen versus heat

keeping fresh!

If you can do a scouting visit of the venue with the wedding coordinator. You should try to wear the same kind of outfit you intend to have at the wedding. For example, as a men, I would walk around the venue with pants, shirt and jacket to understand what it would feel like on the day of the wedding. If you finish the tour all sweaty you may want to choose something different.

In general destination weddings allow for a looser dress code and a more relaxed atmosphere.

You would be surprised to know how many brides do not want to go on the beach because of their shoes. Remember I do a lot of weddings in resorts. The beach is usually the main attraction and the reason why you choose such venues in the first place.
I understand that nice shoes are part of the attire. although I hate when shoes are deal-breakers in getting that awesome shot.

Lastly, here is a few ideas for you guys:

  • Loosen up the dress code and go along the idea of the beach wedding
  • Keep the shoes easy, breathable and that you would walk on the sand with
  • For guys I tend to recommend to use an undershirt. It will absorb the sweat and avoid it to show through. Avoid the wife-beater and opt for a grey tee-shit. Grey does not show though as white does.
  • Get 100% Cotton shirts for the groom and groomsmen. Not 90-10, not 80-20, 100% Cotton. Cotton is breathable and dries quickly.
  • 5 stars resorts usually gives you small hand towels in the bathrooms. You can use them to wipe sweat off your face.
  • For women the Fan is a favorite of mine. It’s an awesome prop for the pictures, it look elegant and it will definitely help keep your face fresh and dry.
  • Go with light colors to reflect the sun and the heat

If you have other ideas or tips to beat the heat, please share them with me. 🙂

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