A moodboard is a visual way to collect images that reflect your vision of your wedding photos. As a result it makes it easier for you to communicate with your photographer and share this vision with him. Granted your photographer helps you, you will be able to put words on the esthetics that you love and be able to communicate precisely what you want.

Moodboard as a guide

This is also a way to manage expectations and for the photographer to address important issues. Let’s take an extreme example. If you show me a moodboard with sunset pictures and your wedding takes place in the morning I will have the opportunity to explain why it is not possible to create the same kind of images. This may lead you to reconsider your plans or tweak the organization in order to achieve your vision.

Moreover, it is a good way to plan on the “big shots”, special requests and those that require a little more production and planning. That could be hotel roof-top, drone photography, levitations and FX,etc. It is a good idea to identify your special request soon enough so that we can plan them smoothly.


What is Pinterest

Pinterest is a visual social network. A social bookmarking site to be precise. Pinterest allows its user to create board on which to “pin” images collected on the internet. The boards are sharable and also collaboratives. As we can add and comments on images to a common board. It makes it the perfect tool to create a moodboard together.

You can access Pinterest from the website on a computer or from the mobile app.

Sign up on Pinterest and add me in your contact list from this address https://www.pinterest.fr/vinceguerault/

pinterest vincent guerault

Collect images

To ease the collect of images I suggest you to do two things:

Then you just have to save the pins as you look for inspiration and photographer’s websites.
Of course Pinterest has its own search engine and you can look for images inside of Pinterest itself. Which makes it even easier to save and share.

Describe what you like about the images

Pinterest will allow you to put a description on your pins. It is very important that you start to verbalize what makes you like a specific picture. Here is a few points to consider when assessing the images.

  • Color: the tone of the photograph, saturated, desaturated, black and white, contrast.
  • Pose: posture, expression, elegance, story told.
  • Light: Light from behind, color of the light, warm, cold.
  • Moment: spontaneity, timing, characters
  • Composition/point of view: elements in the frame, point of view from close, far away, from above.
pin description

Using keywords may help you identify what you like about the image


Once your thougths are in the description of the images, the comment system will help us precise your tastes as we go along.

pin comments

Comments will help us communicante clearly about our end result


Please e-mail me if you have questions about this process.

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